Insul Seal example 2.jpg

Custom Orders

We can do custom orders - this is insulated ductile iron, used in northern Minnesota to be hung under a bridge carrying sewer.

Insul Seal example 2.jpg

Insulated Copper Lines

This product is used as a carrier line for hot water for solar heat.

Insul Seal example 3.jpg

No Deep Digging

With Insul-Seal you eliminate the need for deep digging. Extensive excavating can be expensive. With Insul-Seal you can be just 18 inches under the ground.

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Heat Conductor

Here is our product being used to conduct heat to a greenhouse. (Heat loss on a typical hot water installation is typically less than 2 degrees per 100 foot!)

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We keep a year-round adequate inventory for immediate shipment.

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Custom Applications

We specialize in Custom Applications. If you have an idea or a project, we’ll make it happen, regardless of what it is, where you live or how small or large is the scope.


Brewery Application

Our piping for breweries runs 27 degrees Fahrenheit glycol to keep the beer cold.