Specs Overview

Insul-Seal has a variety of quality insulated pipe products that will exceed your expectations. Check out each of our offerings below to view the full specifications for each product. We have no minimum order requirement.

Insulated pipe product comparison chart

Insul-Seal Insulated Pipe

Insulated PVC pipe, using an application of urethane foam to surround PVC pipe and encasing this in a polyethylene sleeve, forms a "single unit" insulated water / sewer line. This virtually eliminates the need to re-dig lines and correct slipped insulation, saving time and money.

Flexu-Seal 2.jpg

Flexsul-Seal Insulated Pipe

Flexsul-Seal is an elastomeric thermal insulation used to retard heat loss in hot water plumbing and dual hot waterline systems. The Flexsul-Seal system is designed to trap dead air, within an expanded closed cell structure, thus increasing its total R-Value and reducing Heat loss in cold underground burial.


ValuFlex Insulated Pipe

The characteristics that make rigid Insul-Seal a superior insulator for hot water lines has finally been translated into a flexible version retaining the positive benefits of the original product.

wood burning furnace place holder.jpg

Wood-burning Furnace Piping

Insul-Seal helps keep the heating plant a distance away from the house or other building to be heated. This separation eliminates the wood mess sometimes associated with indoor wood burning units. By distancing the combustion unit from the house, the safety concerns associated with wood burning units are also removed. This makes this type of heat well received by insurance companies.

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