The Modern Woodburning Furnace

Over the years the outdoor wood burning furnace has proven to be a safe, economical and versatile means of providing heat. Through the latest in design and engineering, manufacturers continue to increase the efficiency of these units. Whether for forced air, in floor radiant, or other systems, these furnaces are very adaptable and efficient.

Insul-Seal Protects Your Home

 Insul-Seal helps keep the heating plant a distance away from the house or other building to be heated. This separation eliminates the wood mess sometimes associated with indoor wood burning units. By distancing the combustion unit from the house, the safety concerns associated with wood burning units are also removed. This makes this type of heat well received by insurance companies.


Insul-Seal Pipes Resist Freezing Over 10x Better Than Regular Pipes

* All data compiled by Dickson Model Ktx Remote Temperature Recorder. * Initial water temperature at 75F. Test conducted at -13° F ambient temp ± 3°

Insul-Seal Increases Efficiency

By using Insul-Seal insulated PVC pipe as a conduit for the hot water and return lines to and from the furnace, heat loss between the furnace and the heat exchangers at the areas to be heated has been virtually eliminated.

Keep The Heat In Your Home

On a typical 80 - 100' run between furnace & house water temp can be within 3° of furnace temp as it enters the heat exchanger at the house. This translates into less wood to be burned, and less times to load the furnace. An already efficient heat source is made even more economical.

For More Information

Your local furnace dealer can supply you with more information on the advantages of using Insul-Seal with your furnace - or contact Insul-Seal